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Life Of Irony
I hate the fates that torture me
Why must I live such irony
I want nothing more but to see her gentle face
To love her, hold her and feel her warm embrace
But my search was all for not
Finding nothing of that I sought
Looking for the one that makes me complete
I am tired, lonely and wear the scars of defeat
Why must I be the pawn of this game
But maybe her piece feels the same
What if she too is looking for me
Searching, looking but cannot see
Perhaps she too is cursing fate
While searching for her soul mate
Perhaps one day each other, we'll find
And cease the curse of being blind
I can't wait till I'm at her side
I'll be the groom and she'll be the bride
Oh please fate show me sympathy
Please let me feel her company
Oh my fate be kind to me
Stop my life of irony.
:iconeternal-deep-vex:eternal-deep-veX 4 1
Who needs love
Love, who needs it
Its a piece of reality that doesn't fit
All my life I've been searching for "the one"
Yet it doesn't seem like my search will ever be done
All this searching has been forlorn
I wonder if my love had ever been born
Why should I look for someone that doesn't exist
I'm giving up this search I'm going to resist
Why spend my time looking if I am going to be alone
Of course this would happen to me i should have known
There is no one in the would that would be in love with me
A lover for everyone, this foolish idea can never be
I am exhausted from looking for too many years
Its funny not finding and loosing her were by biggest fears
I'm stopping that's it, this is my resolve,
but still, for some reason i need love
:iconeternal-deep-vex:eternal-deep-veX 2 1
I'll be There
When you cry let me be your tissue.
When you fall let me be your crutch.
When you smile let me always be there.
So that always, my smile  can  touch.
:iconeternal-deep-vex:eternal-deep-veX 0 5
Broken Hearts Medley
AS the years pass, I have learned.
As the sun sets, I see an end of another day.
As the night comes, I know there will be another sun rise waiting.
With words unsaid, I feel regret.
With opportunities not taken, I feel like I lost my self.
With every moment passing, I feel like time passes too quickly.
When time is not enough, I weep.
When my soul mourns, my heart aches.
When I get another chance, I pray I make it.
Many years have passed
Many memories made.
And yet I wonder what if I stayed.
:iconeternal-deep-vex:eternal-deep-veX 0 5
Valentine Friends
In memories my friends were there.
When there was no one to love no one to care.
In my deepest thoughts I recollect.
There lonely boy that they protect.
I am not a man that found his love,
But the one who look to stars above.
When I find her it will be fate.
She is my love she is my mate.
My search is far my search is deep.
I dream of her when I sleep.
In that dream that I do see.
A woman, a smile that bewilders me.
She has the eyes that give purpose to be.
The eyes that gleam when sunshine hits the sea.
With the hair softer than silk,
And the skin creamier than milk.
She has the nose that’s smooth to touch.
She is the woman I can’t love too much.
But she is a dream, nothing yet real
Not one to tell her the love that I feel.
Until then I am alone.
I am strong Ill fend for my own.
But if I cant my friends are there.
With there heart to give and love to spare.
:iconeternal-deep-vex:eternal-deep-veX 0 1
sorrow among us
The stars across the sky weep,
There is so help to be found,
Sadness, loneliness, and despair,
The moon cries because there is no sun.,
And the sun morns because he see no moon.
The world shutters and knows it can do nothing.
The sky bellows with laughter to hides its hate.
There is nothing worst then this cruel fate.
So many sins not atoned.
There is nothing left but the cries in the night and the screams in the day
No one knows not of the reason, but all knows the purpose
In the end enemies become allies and friends become better friends
When it is over there is no one to be found,
Emptiness fills the world, and death is no longer bound.
If the blind could see and the deaf could hear, still will the be no sight no sound
No more hate, no more love, no more war, no more peace
But loneliness all around
:iconeternal-deep-vex:eternal-deep-veX 1 1
Standing for the day
I stood the waiting for you,
But no one came.
I was waiting sanding in the rain.
But you didn't come for me.
How sick I am to be your dog.
Why did I have to wait for my master?
This whole scene, sight a disaster.
But why was I alone the only one wounded.
I, I was a hollow shell.
Being filled with anger in the dark brinks of hell.
I stood waiting not for love, friendship, but revenge.
I curse your name and your sole even more..
You will die by my hands that should even the score.
No, no death is too sweet for you.
The torments a head I wish you know.
But till that will arise I will wait.
March, April, May It can be any date
I will see the right time.
You will scorn the earth
The day of your birth.
Until then I am satisfied.
Your tears so sweet.
Your cries to my ear they will meet.
But today ,today I wait.
:iconeternal-deep-vex:eternal-deep-veX 0 0
golden moon
On the field so dark and cold,
was the moon ,full and gold.
I lied down on the grass so cool to touch.
I looked up to the stars and there were so much.
The moon was shining behinde a tree,
but the light I could still see.
I looked at the man and his smile.
I looked and looked for quite a while.
To see the moon is a wonerous sight,
but to see it on such a night.
As a look at the moon it sets me free.
No friends, family, but just me.
I gazed deeply at the moon as it gave light.
Very few chances I see it so bright.
The love I longed the very end.
For what I loved was my cherished friend.
To see the moon I saw my love.
So high In heaven up above.
I saw my sorrow disapear.
No hate, no anger not even fear.
I knew my love can see the stars.
As I wonder of the future that is ours.
I will see my love and see her soon,
because I could see her that night in the golden moon.
:iconeternal-deep-vex:eternal-deep-veX 0 1
moon star midnight sky
The moon the stars and the midnight sky.
I look up to them from where I lie.
A sight so beautiful from the grass.
As I think of moments pass.
What have I learned from journeys past.
That life can go ever so fast.
I think I think I do not know.
The past I have forgotten so long ago.
The friends I cherish so very much,
and the dreams that I see, I can not touch.
For I am only a lonely boy.
My friends think of me as there personal toy.
Though my friends do care for me.
But that is some thing that I can not say and they can not see.
My heart is slowly shrinking and does not grow.
To them that is something that i do not show.
The moon with its gentle grace.
Shows me the challenges that I must face.
Time is moving, and I stand still.
This I see makes me ill.
Each step I take is of a turtles pace.
I must be the rabbit and make haste.
The my future is the sky that is so dark.
No one tells me and I do not hark.
The darkness is so eerie.
Like my future that makes me dreary.
Darkness to be lost m
:iconeternal-deep-vex:eternal-deep-veX 6 12
Who am I
Who am I and what have I become?
Years past days have come and gone.
Nights Ive slept, dreams Ive drempt, but are these dreams truly mine?
Or are they for some one else?
I look in to the mirror and I see a man with no mouth, no arms no nose or eyes.
I see no one a blank slate, but then i realize.
That, that isnt a reflection of me, I am a reflection of him.
I am no one only a reflection, an image, only an illussion, I am only the persone infront of me.
My inocence, childhood, and happyness has left me.
All I have left is anger, resent, and my search for vanity.
Why am I so blind, why cant I see who i am; or who am I and what have I become?
Years past days have gone.
My life is spent and my childhood all gone.
:iconeternal-deep-vex:eternal-deep-veX 1 2
As friends come and go, loose and gain I cant say anything like deer in the head lights curiosity and sorrow came, but so can happyness this day with nothing to say all i can do is wave.
:iconeternal-deep-vex:eternal-deep-veX 0 1
A match helps lights a candle that flickers in ther wind.
Burning brightly like the stars in the midnight sky.
A candle, like the stars, guides us, gives us hope, and tells use
that we can shine brightly.
Like a candle in the wind.
:iconeternal-deep-vex:eternal-deep-veX 1 0




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